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An acquisition should not simply be about finding a property that fits some pre-conceived criteria. There should be a rigorous process that challenges the fundamental rationale of those criteria and an examination of the options for different ways of working that could significantly change the space requirements for the organisation.

There is a bigger process around decision-making on property than just assuming 10sqm per person plus space for meeting rooms etc. The latter does not provide best value for the business and will erode the bottom line. Why pay for more space than is really needed? Or get the wrong space in the wrong location? Or get the right space in the right location for the now, but with one or both likely to change in the next year or so?

In other areas of the business costs are continually being challenged, why not property decisions? For property this is much harder with the challenging of getting a balance between providing flexibility and minimising fixed costs. An objective assessment needs to be carried out of needs of the organisation and then a search is undertaken.