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Unwanted space is a drain on the organisation. It is not about getting an agent to put the property on the market as soon as possible. Rather it is about driving solutions, looking at different approaches to the property and its uses. The first step is to understand the liability arising from the property, and whether there is sufficient provision to cover the costs of the solutions available.

Managing the disposal process to mitigate cost and risk means selecting the right agent for the right job, one size does not fit all. It is about looking at the stages of the process and having the team in place, which means letting agent, solicitor and manager. Time is of the essence is getting disposals done, as a tenant trying to sublet space the competition is often from your landlord who has greater flexibility on terms and fewer hurdles to deal with.

The process needs to be properly managed, the agent who delivers the opportunity is not the person drive through the legal issues with the solicitor or understand the financial aspects of the options. The solicitor should be focussed on the legal aspects and not the disposal process. Hence the process needs some one to manage it from start to finish and provide that objectivity and to drive through the deal.