IAS37 Single Property Assessment

Oct 28, 2019Case Study


Financial Services


To undertake a review of the provision of a surplus leasehold liability property.

Services requested

> Review the provision that client had made on a large complex surplus property.
> To identify any issues that need to be addressed.

Solution provided:

Our initial review identified a number of assumptions that needed to be reconsidered.

We therefore ran our own model on the data to illustrate the issues. From this it was identified that the base data that had been provided did not fully encompass all of the pertinent information on the property.

A forensic review was required of the previous models to track the points of difference in the core data to allow a full report to be provided to the CFO. We undertook a new independent assessment of the property with an extensive remodelling of the property and the specific issues of high service charges, capped service charges, break clauses, etc. to provide the client with a range of possible outcomes.

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